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Starting the Entrepreneurship Journey - Phase One: The Idea

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Every business idea comes from a story.

Every business idea comes from a story. Every story comes from a journey of connections. At ABCN, we like to gather the best stories and nurture them to inspire more entrepreneurs to be and give them that push they need. To start an entrepreneurship journey, the first step would have to be the idea. After weighing it carefully and developing it in order to be an idea that you can later on keep on tweaking you will have to have a story behind it.

Whether you are looking to pitch your business idea for funding or for marketing purposes, your pitch must be cohesive and consistent. Make your story flow and be memorable by creating your own personal connection story.

Below, are a few steps to follow:

  • Story market. Your who, what, when and why. List down the main events and characters before you start working your way through the pitch
  • Connect your series of events. Link all the events to conclude an outcome. Try linking them with utmost sense and interesting associations.
  • Characters in your story. Make them alive. Explain their features and personalities in a simple word or two!
  • Point of the story (summing it all up). Your idea should origin from a story that ends up with a valid conclusion. Make it aspiring and appealing.
  • Have a connect factor where others can relate in one way or another. Try pitching your idea to your friends and colleagues and get their feedback.

Constant adjustments and tweaking might be necessary to reach the perfect phase one: The perfect idea for YOU. Start your entrepreneurship journey with Alliance Business Centers Network in Dubai and enjoy our simple packages that are low in cost and provide you with the best back bone support for your business.

Grow your career by starting your journey correctly. Our Business Centers are equipped with the best furnishing and IT infrastructure to help you master your business without worrying about other factors.

Pop by for a complimentary tour and a cup of coffee (prepared and brewed fresh by our in house catering team – yes! We have an in house catering team) and begin your voyage on the spot.

Stay tuned to our expansion plans. Our Business Center in Qatar is launching next month and we have more exiting locations coming up!

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    Omar Paul, Managing Director - CloudSocio Solutions

  • "ABCN have provided us with an excellent service which is tailored to our needs. They have proven themselves to be reliable, flexible & dependable, everything we required to setup our new entity. I wish them all the very best for their expansion and future endeavours."

    Anand Chatterjee, CEO - Medisurge Technologies

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