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How to just get started?

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Ever wondered why every time you try to start a new venture it somehow seizes to get complete? There might be a few little tweaks that you can do along the way and even before you start to get the ball rolling in the right direction. Whether you are an entrepreneur looking to turn your business idea into a money making machine or a devoted employee looking to excel at your job and reach a higher position, you ought to get a few things off of your checklist before you hit the road.

How is your desk looking as of this moment? Is it all tidy and spot clean? Do you have a to do list that you are crossing stuff from every day? Are your papers organized and easy to find? If yes was your answer to more than half of these questions, then you are safe from being a hoarder in sink motion! If not, then you need not be worried because below you will find a few simple and easy steps to get yourself in the right direction.

Look around your work space, try picking up any papers that are no longer needed and toss them into the trash. Gather your pens, rubbers and the itsie bitisies that are scattered and combine them into one place – a drawer perhaps? Get yourself some wipes (preferably that smell good because who wouldn’t want that extra pampering?) and wipe your desk away. And yes, get rid of that little leftover syrup that has been stuck on your desk for a few days (we hope!). This ought to make you feel more refreshed and if your desk were human, it was say “thank you!”.

Next step is to get your notebook – or if you are a techie, then your ipod/iphone/ipad, and start a to do list. Make it simple and effortless, as in no essays required. Try using a highlighter or different color pens to differentiate what needs to be done and what’s urgent. As you go along, it will be much easier to cross thing off of that list and always feel good about adding things rather than it stressing you out.

Being organized helps a ton in your work life. It literally makes you feel less burdened and excites you to begin new opportunities. Clearing things that clutter your life will also clear stress from your brain. So get yourself ready for a fresh new start. Oh, and lastly, try adding a plant or a scented candle on your desk – will defiantly lift you up and get you in a nice mood.

What tips would you add and share? Comment below and help a friend out!

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    Omar Paul, Managing Director - CloudSocio Solutions

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    Anand Chatterjee, CEO - Medisurge Technologies

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